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Is the world ready to hear the Pyramid of Egypt was Build by Blacks

(April 20 2023 at 07:08am)

Hey there! Have you ever wondered who built the magnificent pyramids of Egypt? While many believe it was the work of the ancient Egyptians, there is growing evidence to suggest that the builders were actually black Africans.

For years, mainstream history has depicted ancient Egypt as a white civilization, but recent archaeological discoveries and genetic studies have challenged this narrative. In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that black Africans played a crucial role in building the pyramids and shaping the culture of ancient Egypt.

But here's the thing: This information is still unknown to the public. Many people still believe the old, outdated story of Egypt being a white civilization, and it's time to change that.

So, are you ready to spread the word? We can start by sharing this information with our friends and family, and challenging the outdated narratives that have been passed down to us. Let's educate ourselves on the true history of ancient Egypt and celebrate the diverse contributions of black Africans.

It's time to break down the barriers of misinformation and embrace a more inclusive and accurate understanding of our shared history. Will you join me in this mission? Let's make sure the world hears the truth about the builders of the pyramids.

We can also take action by supporting research and academic programs that explore the contributions of black Africans to ancient civilizations. By investing in education and research, we can help uncover more hidden truths about our history and promote a more nuanced and inclusive understanding of our shared past.

It's important to remember that acknowledging the role of black Africans in building the pyramids does not diminish the accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians. Rather, it highlights the diverse and complex nature of human history and reminds us that we are all connected through our shared past.

So, let's continue the conversation and raise awareness about the true history of the pyramids. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accurate understanding of our past and pave the way for a more just and equitable future. Are you with me?




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